CryptoLogic's Top Hat Magic Slot Review

Published on: March 5, 2014 

In modern times, there is a certain type of game that used to be extremely popular and no longer is. That type of game is the classic slot. A number of misconceptions have helped to bury the popularity of this game, and high-quality video slots have largely taken their place. The Top Hat Magic video slot by CryptoLogic, however, is a great example of a classic slot that is still relevant today. Its intelligent use of bonus features and a simple format combined with a lot of action make it a favorite among slots fans.

With Top Hat Magic, you have a three-reel classic slot that has three total paylines. The coins start at $0.25 each and go to $1.00 each, so you have a somewhat narrow betting range of $0.75 to $3 per spin. What's kind of interesting is that this will cover both small and medium-stakes players just fine. This game has a high overall volatility, but that's a bit misleading because the paytable itself is very balanced. The high volatility comes from the nature of the bonus features. If you're used to video slots, then you should give this game a try because you will probably like it.

Top Hat Magic is deceptively simple. There are seven symbols with seven possible winning combinations, and all of the payouts are based on getting three of a kind. However, these wins come more often than you might expect because there are only three reels to work with. Everything in this game centers around a special bonus accumulator feature, and you should always play with all three paylines activated (aka playing with three coins, even if they're worth $0.25 each) to keep this feature activated. This bonus opportunity adds a great deal of value to the game.

Each time that you hit a win, this feature gives you a hat on the scoreboard. This is where the phrase "Top Hat Magic" comes from. Once you get an entire row lined up, then you get a special bonus prize based on the payout from that table. This is a pretty cool bonus feature, and it's what the entire game is based around. With a chance to get extra value from this feature, you'll want to make sure that you have a sufficient bankroll to play this game for the long run so that you get to activate it over and over again.

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