CryptoLogic's Reel Renovations Video Slot Review

Published on: April 2, 2014 

The Reel Renovations video slot by CryptoLogic is an extremely atypical game for a few different reasons. First, it has one of the largest non-progressive jackpots that you're going to find in an online slot. Second, it has a skill-based bonus feature that's a lot different than what you normally find in video slots. Third, the theme is based on home improvement, and we can't say that we've ever seen these theme used in an online slot. All of these things combined with the modern video slot feel help to make Reel Renovations one of the most unique video slots out there.

At first glance, you'd think that Reel Renovations was pretty typical. It uses a five-reel format with three rows of symbols, and there are 20 paylines that go across these reels. The coins in this game also have a pretty normal range of $0.01 to $5.00 each to give this game a betting range of $0.20 to $100 per spin. Despite the abnormally large top jackpot, the rest of the paytable is extremely balanced with plenty of shots at small and medium wins, so this game has a medium volatility overall which is impressive considering the top pays.

It's extremely important in this game that you play with all 20 paylines activated because you will not be given access to the bonus feature if you do not. Each payline gives you chances to win in both directions, so you'll have twice the chance of winning on each spin. If you get three or more of the scattered hammer symbol, then you get to play a bonus feature that's skill-based and based around the concept of nailing picture frames to a wall in order to win prizes.

The top two payouts in this game are 20,000x and 7,500x. What's really interesting about this is that the second-highest payout is 50 percent larger than the top jackpot in most of the more common video slots these days. With such large top payouts, you would expect this game to skip over a lot of medium pays and have a high volatility, but that's not the case. Since this game has a medium overall volatility, it's perfect for players who want a shot at winning some big payouts without having to feel like they have to drop down their bet sizes to keep within their bankroll management guidelines.

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