CryptoLogic's Northern Lights Video Slot Review

Published on: September 3, 2014 

If you're familiar with the Northern Lights, then you'll know that they are bright streaks that come in the sky above the Arctic Circle because of the way the sun's rays pass through the ozone layer. They're very beautiful, and CryptoLogic made a slot based on this cool display. The Northern Lights slot is a part of the Rapid Fire Jackpots series which is considered to be one of the fastest-hitting progressive jackpots online. There are some impressive payouts in this game, but the volatility is still just at the medium level because of how well-balanced the rest of the paytable is.

Like the rest of the Rapid Fire Jackpots series, Northern Lights has a nine-payline format with five reels, and the coins start at $0.05 each and go all the way up to $5.00. The progressive jackpot normally hits in the $700-$800 range, and it hits multiple times a day in most cases. As mentioned above, the volatility of this game is at the medium level, so you don't have to worry about things getting too out of hand with the swings all that often. This format works really well for the Rapid Fire Jackpots, and that's why they use it.

The winter theme of this game is to be expected considering it's based on something that happens above the Arctic Circle. The polar bear is the wild symbol in this game, so you'll be able to get a 6,000x jackpot if you pick up five of them on the same payline. Another pay is available at the 3,000x level for five of the eskimo symbol, or you can get 1,000x for five of the killer whale symbol. The aurora symbol, the Northern Lights themselves, are scattered in this game, and that's very fitting.

Five of the scatter will give you 100 times your total bet. Three or more will give you a bonus feature based on guiding a polar bear along a series of icebergs. If you pick right, then you'll be able to get some nice payouts. The top payout on this feature is 2,000 times your total bet making it the best single payout in the game other than the progressive, and this will even be higher than the progressive a lot of the time. This allows for some of the biggest wins in a bonus game that's not based around free spins.

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