CryptoLogic's Love Bugs Video Slot Review

Published on: February 19, 2014 

It's said that variety is the spice of life, but there's only so much of it that you can achieve in the online slot world. It can seem like every idea has been done 100 times and that there's not much new ground to cover. CryptoLogic has proven this idea wrong with their Love Bugs video slot. This game has a funny romance theme, and its approach to the bonus feature is a key improvement over a lot of other titles. Despite chances for high-end payouts, this game has a medium overall volatility because of its balanced pay schedule.

What you'll notice right away about Love Bugs is that the lowest coin size is $0.10. This might seem high, but since it has just nine paylines, you only need to put up a minimum of $0.90 per spin. This might also seem high, but it has to be kept in the context of the medium volatility which allows you higher bet sizes per spin than normal because you'll have fewer big swings. On the upper end, you can play with $5.00 coins for up to $45 per spin if you're looking to get in some high stakes plays.

In this game there are two wilds: the love bug and the lady bug. If you pick up five of the heart symbols, with or without the wilds, then you'll get a 5,000x jackpot payout. Other pays are available at the 1,000x and 500x levels as well. Pick up a lady bug on the first reel with a love bug on the last reel to get a pick-a-box style bonus feature. You get four picks in this game, and the payouts can be very interesting because they aren't what you would normally get from a bonus feature in this style.

The feature is based on a gondola coming to four stops with four boxes at each stop for you to choose things. You can get multipliers which give you a multiple of your total bet as an instant payout, a necklace that gives you 15 free spins or a diamond ring that gives you a 3x multiplier on all of your wins. This creates a situation where your bonus feature wins can be varied in a major way, and that's something that most other slots can't do for it. It just goes to show that CryptoLogic is on top of their game when it comes to putting together great bonus features.

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