CryptoLogic's King Kong Video Slot Review

Published on: April 30, 2014 

When you make a game based on something with as much history as King Kong, you have to do something special. CryptoLogic's version of the game pulls it off with a combination that you hardly ever see in online slots. The combination that we're talking about here is a particularly low volatility paired with a high top jackpot without sacrificing bonus features or wild symbols. If you're looking to push your bankroll management a little while retaining the ability to hit some big wins, then this is one of the best games to do it on.

The King Kong slot at CryptoLogic-powered online casinos has 25 paylines with five reels. The coins allow for a huge selection of bet sizes since they run from $0.01 to $20 each. You can bet one coin on each payline for a minimum bet size of $0.25 per spin with all of the 25 paylines activated. The low volatility that this game has will make it a good idea to bump up your bet size a little bit past what you normally use since the potential for big payouts is there without the threat of huge swings as much as normal.

The King Kong symbol is pretty important in this game because it's a wild. It will show up on the second, third and fourth reels only. The highest-paying symbol in this game is Ann, and five of her will trigger the top jackpot that's worth a 7,500x payout. Four of Ann will get you a 1,500x secondary jackpot, or you can pick up a 1,000x payout for five of the man symbol. This is a pretty cool set of jackpots considering that this game has such a low volatility. You can clearly see how balanced the top half of the paytable is from these pays.

There are two bonus games available in King Kong. If you get the King Kong symbol on the third reel, then you'll get what amounts to a respin with the wild on the third reel expanding. You can also get extra wilds on the second and fourth reels, and your wins are counted up once again on the new board. There's also a feature activated by the King Kong scatter symbols which can give you chances to smash airplanes while controlling King Kong himself. You'll win free spins based on how many hits you get with the option to trade in your free spins for an instant payout.

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