CryptoLogic's Elektra Slot Machine Review

Published on: March 19, 2014 

CryptoLogic has a number of games built on a wide range of topics and themes, and this includes a number of games based around characters from Marvel Comics. The Elektra video slot is a great example of one of those types of games. It's not necessarily designed for the penny stakes player since it has a minimum bet size of more than $1 per spin, but it's a solid low, medium and high stakes game that offers a great theme with top-tier gameplay and a chance to pick up some nice progressive jackpots with the Marvel Jackpots link.

Elektra uses 25 paylines with five reels and three rows. Coins start off at $0.05 each, so you'll need to bet a minimum of $1.25 per spin to have all of the paylines activated. Coins range as high as $5.00 each for bet sizes as high as $125 per spin, so high stakes players will find this game suitable as well. This game has a high volatility, so you'll want to make sure that you have a bankroll that can handle the swings paired with the relatively high minimum bet size that comes as a result of the $0.05 minimum coins.

The Elektra symbol, as you might expect, is the wild in this game. It substitutes for everything but the scatter symbol for this slot, and five wilds on an activated payline will give you the top normal jackpot of 5,000x. Three progressives are also available in this game, and they are randomly triggered no matter what combinations come on the reels or what stakes you're playing with. Bigger bet sizes will increase your chances of winning proportionately, but there is no minimum bet size or number of coins required to qualify for this set of Marvel Jackpot progressives.

The Elektra logo, different than the wild, is a scatter that gives you access to a bonus feature. You'll basically get a chance to throw nine ninja stars at some ninjas that are coming after you. For each one that you hit, you'll get paid a nice payout worth up to 250 times your total bet. This gives the bonus feature the potential to give out extremely high payouts as high as 6,250 times your total bet which is one of the largest bonus wins that you can get in this game or any of the Marvel Jackpots game without hitting a progressive.

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