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Published on: September 14, 2009 

Casino poker games are online casino games that are based on poker hand rankings. They cannot recreate the thrill of real poker games because the players do not play against each other. The hand is matched against a payout table or the dealer’s hand. Cryptologic online casinos offer some of the most popular casino poker games. These games are placed in the Table Games section.

Caribbean Stud Poker is a very popular casino poker game. The player first places the ante bet. He is then dealt is five card hand and one of the dealer’s card is exposed. The player has to decide if he wants to play or fold. This is the only decision he makes. If he folds he loses his ante wager. If he plays then he has to place a bet that is twice the ante. The dealer’s remaining cards are exposed. If the dealer does not have an A/K or higher hand then the player wins even money on the ante wager and the bet is a push. Otherwise the two hands are compared. If the player’s hand is better then his ante wager wins even money and the bet is paid out as per a payout table. Cryptologic’s Caribbean Stud Poker offers a voluntary progressive jackpot bet.

Let It Ride Poker is the most unusual casino poker game. In this game the players bet maximum upfront and then have an option of reducing the bets if the cards dealt are not good. The player begins by placing three identical bets. He is dealt three cards. The player can let all his bets ride or withdraw one bet. Then his fourth card is exposed. Again the player can withdraw one bet if he wants to. Finally his fifth card is exposed. If his hand is tens or better then he receives a payout as per the payout table. Otherwise he loses all the remaining bets.

Pai Gow Poker is a game catering to the Asian customers at Cryptologic online casinos. It is also the most challenging since it involves a higher level of decision making. The player places his wager and is dealt seven cards. He has to make a two card hand and a five card hand, subject to certain rules. The dealer is also dealt seven cards and his two hands are automatically made. If both the player’s hands are better he wins even money less the 5% casino commission. If his one hand is better but the other is worse then the bet is a push. In all other circumstances he loses the bet.

The Cryptologic Texas Hold 'Em Bonus most closely replicates the popular poker game. The player places the ante bet and is his dealt his two pocket cards and the dealer is dealt his two pocket cards. The player can either fold or bet for the flop. The three common flop cards are dealt. This time the player can check or bet. The turn card is dealt and again the player can check or bet. Then the river card is dealt and the player receives his payout if he has a better hand than the dealer. In the Cryptologic version of this game, initially the player can place a bonus bet that offers payouts as per a payout table based on the players pocket cards.

The Cryptologic casino poker online games have detailed rules in the Help section that can be accessed from the bottom toolbar.

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