Cryptologic Mini Baccarat

Published on: March 8, 2012 

The latest baccarat variant to enter the online casino space is Mini Baccarat from the software provider Cryptologic. The new feature introduced in this game is the Scorecard. However, before the Scorecard is discussed in detail, some other comments need to be made. The rules and payouts of Cryptologic Mini Baccarat are identical to the other baccarat variants. It is called Mini Baccarat because only a section of the baccarat table is visible on the screen. This hardly matters because Cryptologic Mini Baccarat is any way a single hand game. As is the practice in Cryptologic table games there are different bet ranges available and the player must make this choice first.

The Scorecard maintains the past history of the session and can be activated by clicking on the History button displayed on the screen. It must be clearly understood that in online baccarat each new hand is dealt from a complete deck of cards. The new hand is in no way dependent on what has happened in the past and hence tracking past history cannot be used in making predictions from a mathematical or logical point of view. However, baccarat players at land casinos keep track of earlier outcomes on scorecards. The argument is that it sharpens the gut feeling that they use on occasion to override the logical strategy. Therefore software provider Cryptologic has introduced a scorecard in its new Mini Baccarat variant. The players are not required to make entries. The scorecard automatically updates after each hand.

The main upper part of the Scorecard in Cryptologic Mini Baccarat consists of a grid. The top squares in the grid are filled by B (Banker) and P (Player) in an alternating sequence. If the first hand is won by the Banker the grid adjusts to begin with a B, and likewise for the player. If the first hand is won by the Banker then an entry will be made in the first row below the B in the first column. Then as long as the Banker wins or the hand ties entries will be made in that column. With the first Player win the entries will shift to the next column, which will be headed by a P. The sequence will move ahead in this manner.

The entries are color coded – blue for Banker, green for Tie and red for Player. Under the Banker column there will be only blue and green entries and under a Player column only red and green entries. The hand values are also indicated, with the winning hand value shown first. If the Banker gets 7 and the Player gets 4 then there will be a blue entry in a column headed by B, which will have the numbers 7 and 4 in that order. Naturals are special hand values in online baccarat because they result in automatic wins. They are dealt two card values of 8 or 9. When the win occurs through a natural, the entry is an oval instead of a square. The color code is explained below the grid for ready reference of the Mini Baccarat players at Cryptologic online casinos. Certain summary information is also provided below the grid. This includes the number of hands played, the percent of Banker wins, the percent of Player wins, the percent of Ties and the longest streak.

Mini Baccarat can be played at all Cryptologic online casinos like InterCasino.

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