Cryptologic Bonus Video Poker

Published on: June 24, 2011 

The leading online casino software provider Cryptologic offers two different types of video poker games at its online casinos. Both types include the common video poker variants. One of these types is unique to Cryptologic online casinos and is sub titled as “Bonus”. The Bonus Video Poker games differ in one major rule and this difference makes the games more interesting.

Video poker games begin with five cards being dealt from a single deck. The player marks the cards that he wants to hold. The remaining cards are discarded and removed from the game. Players are dealt replacement cards from the remainder of the deck. The crucial factor is that the discarded cards cannot be dealt again. This is where the Bonus Video poker games differ.

In Bonus Video Poker the discarded cards are placed again in the deck. The deck is shuffled and the replacement cards are dealt from this deck. Therefore one or more of the cards that were discarded by the player can be dealt again. This creates a disadvantage, which needs to be compensated for in order to have a level playing field. The compensation takes the form of a bonus offered for each of the discarded cards that are dealt again.

Visually on the screen the Cryptologic Bonus Video Poker game is played out as follows. The top right hand corner of the screen displays two cells. The discarded cards are displayed in the bottom of the two cells so that there is a record created. After the replacement cards are dealt, if any of them are the discarded cards then a bonus amount is shown in the top cell. A golden star appears on the replacement card that is the same as the discarded one. A bonus is paid for each replacement card that was earlier discarded. The bonuses are awarded to the players whether or not the player receives a payout in the game. If the player receives a payout and bonuses then both are added and the total is credited to the player’s account. If the player does not receive a payout but receives bonuses then the total bonus amount is credited to the player’s account. If the player does not receive any bonus then the procedure is the same as that for the normal video poker games.

The bonus amounts are not the same for each variant of Bonus Video Poker. The bonus for each repeated card is expressed as a percentage of the bet per hand and is paid to the nearest cent. Jacks or Better Bonus Video Poker has the lowest bonus rate of 15.30%. All American Bonus Video Poker has the highest bonus rate of 21.10%. The other video poker variants offered in the Bonus Video Poker format at Cryptologic online casinos are Deuces Wild, Double Bonus, Joker Poker, Tens or Better and Super Jackpot.

Bonus Video Poker variants are offered in multi hand formats. The player can select the number of hands he wants to wager on simultaneously from 1, 3, 5, 10, 25, 50 and 100. The Bonus Video Poker games can be played at all Cryptologic online casinos such as InterCasino and VIP Casino.

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