Cool Roulette Bets to Mix Things Up

Published on: June 4, 2014 

Roulette is a game that sometimes gets an unfair reputation of being boring. This is because most players don't learn more than the basics of the game, and they don't understand just how many different bets are involved in roulette. The level of customization for your bets is amazing, and it's something that really stands out. In fact, no other casino game offers so many options for customizing the risk and reward of the bets you make than roulette. Just make sure that you're playing French roulette or European roulette so that you're getting the best payout rates possible.

One cool bet to use is the corner bet. This works kind of like a straight-up bet, but you don't have such long-shot odds of winning. You place this bet by putting your chips on the intersection or corner of four numbers, and those numbers all win for you. For example, you could bet on the cluster of 4, 5, 7 and 8. A corner bet pays out at 8:1, so you're still getting a nice payout when you hit, but you don't have all of the risk of the straight-up bet and wagers like it that have such a high volatility.

If you're a fan of the evens bets, but you want something with a better payout, then consider the column bets. In fact, any of the 2:1 bets will work for this. Instead of betting on 18 numbers like you are with the evens bets, you're only betting on 12 with the 2:1 bets. Even though you're only betting on one-third fewer numbers, your payout rate doubles. If you wager $1 and win, you profit $2 instead of $1. This is a fun bet for players who want a little risk without an overwhelming amount, and it's the foundation for a lot of betting systems.

Another cool roulette bet to make is the row bet. You do this by betting on a row of three numbers. It's similar to a corner bet in terms of risk and reward, but you can pick multiple rows to change up your payout rate. You'll get 11:1 on your wins if you hit on a row bet, and that makes it a fun one to add to an evens bet to add some extra excitement if you're creating your own betting strategy. Overall, these three bets are great example of cool and atypical ways to bet in roulette.

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