Choosing High Roller Online Casinos

Published on: April 20, 2011 

High rollers are players who wager large amounts at online casinos. Online casinos in the long run make a percentage of the amount wagered. Therefore they benefit from players who wager large amounts. High rollers should be aware of this and should seek those online casinos that offer something in return. Unfortunately online casinos rarely advertize themselves as high roller casinos, even if they actually are. They do not want to scare away the low wagering customers. Therefore high rollers have to look for specific features that will provide benefits for the high level of wagering they will engage in.

The welcome bonus is the first feature that high rollers should examine. They will be making a large initial deposit and the critical factor for them is the cap on the bonus. It does not matter to them if the deposit is 200% of the bonus when the bonus is capped at $100. They should seek out online casinos that cap the welcome bonus at $500 or even $1,000. Similarly they should look for reload bonuses that can be substantial in absolute terms. Also they should look for online casinos that offer frequent reload bonuses without any constraint on the days on which it can be availed. A reload bonus offered only on Tuesdays, for example, is of little use to high rollers.

High rollers wager big amounts because they hope to win big and from time to time they will. Most online casinos impose a limit on the amount that can be withdrawn at a time or in a week. If a high roller has to withdraw his winnings from a single session spread over many weeks then that online casino is no good for him. High roller online casinos offer special withdrawal limits to players who wager large amounts. Some online casinos even negotiate withdrawal limits with high rollers. Here high rollers have to be very careful about one aspect. Certain withdrawal limits are imposed by the payments solution providers and the online casino will not be able to help with these.

High rollers will usually need higher wagering limits than the maximum specified for the online casino games. This is somewhat problematic because it would involve a change in the games software. To overcome this many online casinos have separate “tables” for high limit players. Hence high roller should be able to find suitable online casinos for wagering on games like blackjack, roulette, baccarat and Caribbean poker. However, for online slots they will have to make do with the same maximum limits as other players.

Perhaps the most important feature of truly high roller casinos is their VIP Club. These online casinos have only invitational membership at the highest VIP level and also allow for bonuses and other benefits to be negotiated. Generally online casinos offer much faster redemption of comp points and larger cash back bonuses to high rollers. One of the benefits that high rollers look for is an online casino that offers them a dedicated customer support representative who is always on call for the duration the high roller is logged on. High rollers are not interested in waiting while their problems are sorted out, whether it is information they desire or a complaint they have.

That high rollers should undertake the primary due diligence on the credentials of the online casino goes without saying. If the online casino is a rogue then all the attractions it offers will be to no avail.

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