Choosing a Deposit Option that Works

Published on: January 14, 2011 


In order to wager at online casinos players need to transfer funds to their casino account. The mechanisms available for doing so are known as deposit options. Players need to choose a deposit option carefully because once chosen they cannot change the option on their own. They have to route the request through customer support. Players must ensure that the chosen deposit option accepts their chosen currency and provides services in their country.

The common deposit options fall into three categories, which are credit/debit cards, electronic wallets and prepaid vouchers. Each has their advantages and disadvantages and players must make a considered choice.

What options work best for US players

Despite the legal restrictions, credit cards are still the most preferred deposit option for US players. The leading online casinos have managed to create banking interfaces that accept credit and debit cards from major suppliers like Visa, Diners Club and American Express. The electronic wallets that operate in the United States include UseMyWallet and eWalletXpress. Players who wager on many different online casinos need to load only one electronic wallet account using conventional means and can then deposit funds at any number of online casinos from there.

Recently many deposit options have emerged that allow players to pay cash at retail outlets and transfer funds to online casinos. These deposit options completely bypass the banking and credit card system. Money Transfer, Western Union and Quick Cash are gaining popularity at US facing online casinos. Finally players can deposit directly from their bank accounts using Wire Transfer and eCheck, but the transfer can take a few days.

Options available to those outside of USA

Players outside the United States have far greater flexibility in the selection of deposit options. Visa and MasterCard are the preferred options for credit and debit cards. Players need to check which one gives better services in their country before deciding.

The leading global electronic wallets, Neteller, PayPal and Moneybookers, offer services in almost all countries outside the United States. Moneybookers has tied up with local service providers in many European countries. For example they have tied up with Giropay in Germany and with Przelewy24 in Sweden. This gives the users the advantages of a large global organization with localized service.

Prepaid voucher services are also available to players outside the United States. Players can purchase a Pin Code against cash payment at retail outlets, which also indicates the amount. Players can then transmit this Pin Code over the Internet or mobile handsets to the online casino to fund their account. Ukash and paysafecard are providers of this service.

Try other options if you encounter rejections

All online casino players would have credit cards for their other purchases and therefore it makes sense for them to deposit funds using credit cards. If a particular credit card is rejected, the suggestion is to try again after some time or use another credit card if available. Sometimes system malfunctions are responsible for credit card rejections.

If a player faces credit card rejections consistently then he should opt for an electronic wallet or prepaid voucher option. Electronic wallets can be operated from home but require to be funded by credit cards or bank transfers. Prepaid vouchers can be purchased for cash but a personal trip to the outlet is required.

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