Casino Sites and VeriSign

Published on: November 3, 2015 

One of the most important aspects of choosing an online casino is the security measures that are in place. Players always want to find a site that offers the best protection so that their information and finances are always secure. Players want the ability to deposit and withdraw from their casino accounts without any third parties having the ability to hijack the funds and any transaction. The best casino sites will not expect players to simply take their word that everything is secure, so they get their systems certified. This adds some credibility to the site in the same way that an eCOGRA certification will. The popular organisation that will certify the security of any financial transactions is VeriSign. Casino sites that are certified will display a VeriSign Secured logo on the web site.

VeriSign was established right around the same time that the first online casino was launched. It was created to enhance the security measures for players who were engaging in gambling activities online. Today, VeriSign has over 3 million certifications and is one of the most trusted forms of verifying information and providing player protection. The one part of VeriSign that most players will be familiar with is SSL certifications. This is the core of VeriSign and it is just one more way to make players feel safe when gambling online.

When players visit an online casino certified by VeriSign, the browser on the player’s computer or mobile device will request the server to be identified. The server will then send the copy of the VeriSign SSL certificate. The browser will then confirm the SSL certification and will allow the online casino to proceed with the acceptance of funds or the release of winnings. Before funds are actually moved, an encryption channel that has a public and private key is set up. The public key is what is used for the encryption of information and the private key is what will decipher that encrypted information.

VeriSign is always working to ensure that players are always protected. When choosing an online casino, make sure the VeriSign logo is displayed and that the site uses SSL encryption. This will let players know that their personal and financial information is always secure.

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