Casino Hold Em Overview

Published on: March 16, 2017 

Many players who are looking to start playing casino games online will not be aware of the different game variations that are offered. In fact, some players have a complete misunderstanding of some games. There are a number of players who believe Casino Hold Em is the same game as Texas Hold Em. While the components of these two games are quite similar, there is a major difference. With Texas Hold Em, players will play against each player seated at the table. With Casino Hold Em, players are only playing against the house. Here, we offer a brief overview of Casino Hold Em and introduce new players to this fun filled and exciting variation of online poker.

The rules of the game are pretty simple. The action starts by placing an Ante bet and then two hole cards are dealt along with three community cards. The dealer will receive two cards as well and these are not seen by the player. The choices will be to play or fold the hand. Playing will require a Play bet that is twice the amount of the Ante bet. After the bet is placed, the last two community cards are dealt and the dealer will show their hand. Players will win or lose the game based on whether their hand beats that of the dealer.

The hand rankings that are used in Casino Hold Em are the same as with Texas Hold Em and the highest card in a hand will be the factor to determine the winner of any tied hands. With Casino Hold Em, the dealer will have to qualify with a hand of a pair of fours or better. Should the dealer hand not qualify, players will win on the Ante bet and their Play bet will be a push.

When playing Casino Hold Em, the house edge is about 0.82% when players use optimal strategy. There are no specific rules as to when players should fold or play their hand, but basic strategy charts will help players make the right decision based on what community cards are being shown. The game is not difficult to learn and many online casinos offer a free version of the game so that players can become familiar with basic strategies and game rules before wagering.

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