Casino Bets to Avoid

Published on: April 27, 2017 

Playing casino games at an online casino is a great way to enjoy the realism of games and have the chance to generate real money payouts right from home. When players choose a casino site, they will find hundreds of game options, all providing many betting opportunities. While some of these games will be more appealing than others, players need to be aware of what bets to avoid when they are gambling. By knowing this, they can avoid sucker bets and extend the bankroll to have a longer and more lucrative gambling session.

For those that play Caribbean Stud, try to avoid the progressive side wager that is offered. With this, players will have the opportunity to bet an additional $1 that will enter a pool to build the jackpot. The average house edge when placing this bet is a whopping 26.46%, so it is definitely a bet that will not be beneficial in most cases.

Any bet on Keno is a bad choice. Keno is a lottery style game that can be fun and provide a nice break after playing some traditional games, but the house edge with this game is too high. The house edge with Keno games can range from 20 to 35%, so there are not many benefits for the real money player. This game has high risk and low rewards and is one that should be avoided online.

Another bad bet is the Propositions bet in Craps. These bets will require a specific pair of numbers to be rolled. These bets are sucker bets and the payouts are lower than the chances of winning. Many other bets on the Craps table offer great odds, some with a house edge as low as 1.36%, so avoid the proposition bets and stick to common bets while playing.

A final bet to always avoid is the Insurance bet in blackjack. The offs of the dealer making an Ace become a natural blackjack are low, so insurance bets usually only pay out 30% of the time. These bets will quickly deplete the bankroll and most experienced players will already know to never take the insurance option when it is offered. It is just another way for the casino to increase the house edge and eat up the bankroll.

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