Caribbean Stud Online

Published on: April 13, 2017 

Online casinos have the ability to offer hundreds of game titles to players and card and table games are quite popular with many. Poke games draw much attention and one of the most popular versions of poker found at online casinos is Caribbean Stud Poker. This game is easy to learn and can offer some great payouts. It is a fun game that is preferred by many casual gambelrs, but with the offering of a progressive jackpot, it is also one that will attract the high rollers online, especially when the jackpot reaches a high amount.

One of the things that makes Caribbean Stud appealing is the fact that it is played against the house instead of against other players at the table. There are not many decisions that have to be made, which makes it an easy poker variation to play. Basically, players will be choosing how much to wager on their hand and whether to play that hand or discard it. The payouts with this poker game are on the higher side, which is another reason it will appeal to many.

The game begins with an ante bet and the player then receives five cards. All of these cards can be viewed, but just one card from the dealer’s hand will be revealed. Players will compare their hand to the exposed dealer card and choose to play the hand or to fold. Playing the hand will require an additional bet equal to the ante bet. The dealer will then reveal all cards and hands are compared. The dealer must have an Ace/King high to qualify. If he does not qualify, all players win their ante bet and the added bet is returned. If the dealer qualifies, the payouts are based on hand rankings and whether the player hand beats the dealer hand.

Caribbean Stud also offers a side bet that can be placed for $1. This will make players eligible for the jackpot if they get a specific hand. The jackpot can be won even if the dealer does not qualify. Bonus wins can be enjoyed on hands that are a flush or better, though this can vary per casino site. A flush will generally win $50, a Full House $100 and Four of a Kind $500. A straight flush will get 10% of the current jackpot amount and the Royal Flush will take the whole jackpot.

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