Bonus Wagering Fine Print

Published on: January 12, 2011 

All players who claim bonuses at online casinos are aware of certain basic requirements that they have to fulfill. This is because these conditions are usually specified along with the bonus offer. The deposit and the bonus will have to be wagered a specified number of times. The players are also told on which games the wagering has to be done. Players also know that at the end of it all they can take home only the deposit and the winnings from the wagering. The bonus amount will be withdrawn from the players’ accounts by the online casino. However there are other conditions to the wagering requirements that are not that clearly spelt out. Often these are placed in the fine print in the bonus terms and conditions or the user agreement. Therefore it is essential to read these agreements before wagering.

Some online casinos specify special higher wagering requirements for players from certain countries. If the normal wagering requirements are 20 times the bonus and the deposit, players from the specified countries may have to wager 40 times the bonus and the deposit. This is because online casinos know historically that there is greater bonus abuse by players from those countries. By specifying more stringent wagering requirements the online casinos are making it more difficult for the players to win during the wagering requirements and are thus covering themselves for greater bonus abuse. Hence it is wise to check if separate wagering requirements have been specified for players from certain countries and if the player’s country falls in that list.

Some online casinos state upfront that wagering requirements can be met on all games. However in the fine print players are told that different games contribute to different extent towards the wagering requirements. Online slots usually contribute 100% to wagering requirements. This means that $100 wagered on slots will reduce the balance wagering requirements by $100. But some casino games may contribute only 50% to the wagering requirement. What this means is that $100 wagered on such games will reduce the balance wagering requirements by only $50.

It was stated earlier that after the wagering requirements are met players can withdraw only the initial deposits and the winnings from the wagering. But some online casinos put a cap on the amount of winnings that can be withdrawn. This is one of the most damaging fine print conditions for online casino bonuses. Suppose that the player completes the wagering requirements of $2500 and strikes lucky and wins $500. It the winnings that can be withdrawn are capped at $100 then he will be able to take home only $100 despite winning $500.

There is a condition that is imposed by a few online casinos. The maximum wager per spin or hand has a cap while the wagering requirements are in progress. Suppose this cap is $5. If the player wagers more than $5 then two outcomes will have to be considered. The amount wagered will not count towards the wagering requirements. And if the player happens to win then the winnings will be voided and no credit will be made to the player’s account. What this condition does is makes the player wager more in terms of number of bets. If the wagering requirements work out to $2,000 the player cannot complete them in 10 bets of $200 each. He will have to make at least 400 bets of maximum $5 each.

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