Blackjack Early Payout

Published on: December 27, 2016 

Blackjack is definitely the most played card game at any casino, which is why players are thrilled to access an online casino that features live dealer games. With live blackjack, one will enjoy a real-time game that is presented by live, professional dealers. The game offers the same level of excitement as in a land casino but it can be played at any time from the comforts of home. One of the great live dealer blackjack games that can be enjoyed online is Blackjack Early Payout, a game that has been designed by Visionary iGaming. With this game, players will enjoy a simulcast game from Costa Rica and will play a 6 deck game that features side bets as well as early payouts.

This game was first launched in 2010 and over the years, it has become the most played game from Visionary iGaming. Offering stunning visuals and high payouts, players will enjoy the returns and the thrills of the game. Blackjack Early Payout is played as a European Blackjack game and players can use optimal strategy to enjoy a house edge of just 0.5%. For those that do not wish to follow basic strategy while playing the game, there is the option to take an early payout with every hand that is played.

When the game starts, players will choose between low, mid and high betting options and will place their bet on the table. There are also Pairs and Rummy side bets that can be placed. The cards in the game are dealt based on basic strategy so if the strategy says to Stand, players will have to do this, but they can opt to finish the hand right them by selecting the early payout. Pair bets that win will earn an 11:1 payout if there is a pair on the first two cards. The Rummy bet will pay 9:1, using the player’s first two cards and the dealer’s initial card.

The added features in the game are what makes this stand out from other blackjack games online and since players can collect early payouts and benefit from large rewards from side bets, the game is one that can lead to some great wins, padding the bankroll and offering one of the most exciting versions of blackjack offered online.

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