Avoid Reverse Withdrawals at Online Casinos

Published on: May 7, 2009 

Players who do not avail of bonuses can withdraw their balance at online casinos anytime. Players who have availed of bonuses have to fulfill the wagering requirements first. In either case the withdrawal is made through the Withdrawal section of the Cashier by selecting the desired option and entering the amount to be withdrawn. Then what happens is very interesting.

Online casinos inform players that their request will be processed after a period of time. This time varies from 24 hours to 48 hours in different online casinos. The reason given is that there is always a backlog of requests and therefore some waiting time is unavoidable. Then very casually the online casino informs the player that during this waiting period he can cancel his withdrawal and transfer the funds back to his account. This cancellation of withdrawal is termed as reverse withdrawal.

Very obviously the online casino benefits if the players wager their balance rather than withdraw it. The idea of leaving that window of time open before processing the withdrawal is to tempt the players to change their mind. The funds waiting to be remitted by the casino are neither in the player’s casino account nor in the player’s bank or e-wallet account. They cannot be utilized by the player in any way. The player cannot act to transfer the funds to his bank account. He has requested the withdrawal and now has to wait for the casino to act. But the player can transfer the funds back to his casino account through the reverse withdrawal option. This puts pressure on the player. He feels if I cannot withdraw it at least let me play with it and he gives instructions for the reverse withdrawal.

Reverse withdrawal is a pitfall that players should avoid at all costs. It is very difficult to earn money at online casinos. It is even rarer to make big hits. If the player loses his patience and transfers the funds back to his casino account then it is very likely that he will lose it all. There are several ways by which a player can exercise restraint. The best is to be strong willed. If the player is not strong willed he will find it difficult to engage in responsible gambling in other areas as well. The method that works best for regular players is to leave a small amount in the casino account so that wagering can continue during the window period. For those who wager intermittently the option is staying away from the computer during the window period. More and more online casinos are having small window periods or are doing away with reverse withdrawal altogether. It would be wise to search out such casinos and wager there. In any event avoid reverse withdrawals, especially if the amount is large.

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