Avoid Opting Out of Online Casino Newsletters

Published on: February 9, 2009 

The entire concept of internet casinos is based on electronic communication and therefore it is natural that online casinos use e-mails to keep their members abreast of what is happening. However, online casinos seek the permission of the players before including them in the mailing list by asking the player to check a tick box during the registration process.  

Sending unsolicited e-mails is not only bad practice but also against the law in many countries. It is known as spamming. Therefore all promotional e-mails bear a message that says that is being sent because it is subscribed to. A player could be registered at a dozen online casinos and several other establishments. When he opens his e-mail inbox he does not want it to be cluttered with promotional messages that make it cumbersome for him to identify the messages from family, friends and businesses. Therefore many players do not subscribe to promotional messages from online casinos. They prefer to visit the promotions page at the casino website.  

But in practice that rarely happens. A player usually is a member of more than one online casino. He would not visit all the casinos every day. And even if he does visit the casino he would more often than not head to his favorite game. Everyone is strapped for time and the ritual of going to the promotion page and reading the new offerings there is soon forgotten. And therefore the player misses out on the new promotions that the online casino offers. It may be a freeroll tournament with a substantial prize pool to celebrate a special occasion like Valentine’s Day or Easter. Or it might be a one off generous bonus given on a particular day. Or the player may miss out being entered into a lucky draw by not wagering on a particular game. And then he will kick himself for not subscribing to the promotional newsletter. And many online casinos do not put up all their promotions on the web site. So even if the player does religiously visit the promotions web site he would miss out on these. Some promotions are at the discretion of the casino manager and are decided on a day to day basis. These are not put up at the web site because of the inconvenience of updating the message on a daily basis.

Therefore it makes sense for the player to subscribe to the promotional newsletters from online casinos. What the player can do is have a separate e-mail address, but a valid one, for online casinos. This way he can prevent his personal or business mail box from getting cluttered up. And once he has finished checking and answering those messages he can go to his online casino e-mail inbox and check it out with a free mind.

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