Addressing eWallet Account Closures

Published on: August 5, 2011 

If a player has chosen a reputed online casino to wager at, then the payment options provided will be equally reputed. But it is advisable that players check out the antecedents of the payment solutions providers before making a choice. If a player has chosen an electronic wallet after exercising due diligence then he can be certain that they will not run away with his money even if they do freeze his account or suspend operations. There could be various reasons for this and each one may require a different remedy.

In one situation an online casino player may be able to log into his account but may be unable to transfer funds. Electronic wallets impose periodic transaction limits for different grades of users. If a player has used up his limit he will not be able to use that account. Two solutions are possible. The first solution is to wait till the period is over and then start afresh. The second solution is to upgrade to a level with higher transaction limits. The decision to upgrade should be based on long term needs and not on the immediate problem.

In rarer cases the online casino player may be unable even to log in to his account. There are specific instances when the electronic wallet does this. These instances are usually explained in the terms and conditions, which is why these should be read and understood before the account is opened. The most common reason is that the online casino player must have left the account idle for more than the stipulated period. Electronic wallets close idle accounts to prevent unauthorized access. The online casino player should contact customer support and undergo a verification process after which the account is opened.

An account may get closed in the process of executing a transaction. The electronic wallet software is programmed to recognize potential instances of the account being operated by a person other than the bona fide online casino player. In such cases the account is automatically closed in order to secure the player’s funds. The simplest instance is the continuous entry of a wrong password. Other instances are transfer of an amount that is very large compared to previous history or operation of an account from a foreign country.

Though there are remedies available, prevention is better than cure. If the player enters the wrong password once, he must make sure that he gets it right the second time. If the player is intending to transfer a large amount or is traveling and will be operating the account from a different country he should keep the customer support in the loop. This will prevent precipitate action by the electronic wallet. Should the account get closed then the player will have to go through a verification process. It makes things much easier if the player calls customer support from the number that he furnished while registration and he may be required to resend documents. It is irritating but such steps are essential to protect funds from Internet hackers.

In some cases there can be a genuine problem at the electronic wallet’s end. This happened recently when a reputed electronic wallet had to suspend payments to players in the United States for a couple of months. Because of the crackdown by the federal authorities some of the banks used by the electronic wallet were under scrutiny. Therefore the electronic wallet had to set up new channels. Such cases are extremely rare but they can happen and then one has to wait it out.

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