900 Pay For Online Casino Deposits

Published on: March 21, 2012 

Navaho Networks is a Canadian Company engaged in the business of Internet payments, including to online casinos. One of its popular products is the eWalletXpress electronic wallet. Most payment options to online casinos involve the conventional banking system at some stage. Transfers from bank accounts directly involve banks. Electronic wallets have to be funded through bank accounts or credit or debit cards. Credit and debit card bills have to be paid through bank accounts. With the United States and some European countries instructing banks to stop transfers to online casinos there was a need to develop payment options that completely bypass the banking system.

One of the first options to meet this requirement was the prepaid voucher. Players can purchase such vouchers for cash at retail outlets and then log in at their online casinos and enter the code on the voucher. This gives them instant credit for the voucher amount and no record is created in any banking system. But prepaid vouchers have a drawback. The players have to make a trip to the retail outlets to make the purchase. Navaho came up with a solution that eliminates this second problem as well. It has been given the name 900 Pay and has become a preferred option for depositing at many American online casinos.

900 Pay utilizes the player’s land line telephone to fund online casino accounts. The amount deposited by the player is added to his telephone bill. The telephone bill will obviously be paid through normal banking channels but the bank has no way of finding out if any component of the telephone bill is for deposits at online casinos and hence will not turn down the payment. The added advantage is that sensitive credit card information is not given to third party processors and therefore the player need not worry about identity theft. The telephone company does not charge anything over and above the deposit amount in any manner. And this payment option is as secure as any other used at online casinos.

No registration is required by online casino players to use 900 Pay. Online casinos that accept this payment option will display the 900 Pay logo in the deposit section of their cashier. Players are required to click on this option, enter the amount to be deposited and wait for the confirmation email. Sometimes by default telephone companies insert a block for this service. In this event the players can ask the telephone company to remove the block before using it at online casinos.

There are some financial constraints applicable to the use of 900 Pay for making deposits at online casinos. A maximum of $50 can be transferred in a single transaction. In addition there is an overall limit of $5,000 per month. Another problem with 900 Pay is that withdrawals from online casinos cannot be credited to the telephone bills. Players have to take out their winnings using checks or bank drafts. 900 Pay can only be used by Canadian and American residents who have a US dollar bank account in the United States.

Navaho Networks was founded in 1999 as SNG.com and has its headquarters in Toronto in Canada. In 2000 the name was changed to Navaho Networks.

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