Playtech and InterCash Online Casino Banking

Published on: September 17, 2010 

An announcement made a few months ago sparked the interest of online casino players because it meant easier ways to transfer funds. Playtech made a deal with Intercash Payment Service to make online transfers a bit easier. The announcement stated that the two groups were talking about their deal and what could be gained from it. Now a new announcement has been made regarding the two companies.

Playtech stated they have now launched InterCash. It will be everything they hoped for including a transformation for how online transactions are dealt with. They wanted to make online payments to casinos and from casinos more secure. Playtech has been a leading software provider since the late 1990s.

In fact they have more than four hundred online games that they offer to their players. This new innovation is just another stepping stone for Playtech and keeps up with the fact that they are highly innovative and dedicated to their online players.

The new service from InterCash is going to give players an option of using prepaid MasterCards for their online experience. As you may know MasterCard has tried to pull out of the online casino industry. They find too many consumers are using their credit cards in an attempt to play online casino games. It means more debt for the players, as well as more defaults for MasterCard. They do not want players to have an easy time of gambling online when it can be quite addictive.

Playtech made their InterCash deal months ago in an attempt to circumvent MasterCard’s decision to pull out. With prepaid cards it is more difficult to fund online casino play- unless the card has first been loaded with money. It means that players who do not have cash in their current accounts tied to the prepaid account are unable to play online. It also gives an added security and instant account access in the casino.

A new facility was opened in order to add 18 more Playtech casinos with InterCash payment services. It means that Playtech has a reach to 29 million ATMs and POS machines as part of their online casino world. The system has been praised by casinos that already use it. There is no need for bank transfers, fees, or cheque payments with the system. Instead, online players can simply use their online MasterCard accounts for funding their play. As an innovation it should stay around.

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