International Slots League at Online Casino

Published on: September 6, 2010 

It seems more and more online casinos are trying to find some top options for their casino players.  Some are releasing new games like the much anticipated Lord of the Rings Slot.  Then there is a new online casino called High Noon bringing the Old West back to life.  Platinum Play Online Casino has something totally different for their online players.  They now have an International Slots League.

They announced that September would bring the advent of this new league, which is exclusive to Platinum Play Online Casino players.  The league is going to offer daily and weekly slots tournaments.  For players this means never being without a tournament to enter.  The live slot tournaments will be worth $40,000 each week.

What are even more adventurous are the slots that will be part of the tournament.  The tournament slots will be games such as Tomb Raider, Spring Break, Ladies Night, and Thunderstruck.  There will also be special events like Triple 7 Bling Fest with a freeroll tournament of $5,000 for the win.  The cash prizes will always be split among the top players, which encourages individuals to play as much as they can throughout the day and week to take advantage of such grand prizes.

There will be a collection of continuing tournaments and cash prizes for the nearest of futures all at Platinum Play Online Casino.  As long as interest is held with these various tournaments the league will continue to answer players’ fantasies with great cash prizes.

It won’t be hard to see the tournament league coming in as a top option for many players considering the offerings.  All one has to do is have a live account with Platinum Play.  Once the live account has been established players can change the International Slots League.

Then, players just log on whenever they wish to play a game of slots and join a tourney.  Not all of the tournaments will be freeroll, but there will be enough to keep all players interested. After all, some players prefer small to no entry fee in a tournament, whereas others enjoy playing for the bigger win.

Whatever category players fall in they will be able to find favourite slots, plenty of cash, and gobs of fun with local United Kingdom players and others around the world. They can now share the same passion as winning with slots and in slot tournaments.

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